ApMv Elisa

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DASI ELISA KIT apple mosaic virus

capture polyclonal - detection monoclonal line B11- conjugate anti mouse - positive and negative controls

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ApMv Elisa - 500 tests K-15B
ApMv Elisa - 1000 tests K-15A

Data Sheet

Method of assay ELISA Double Antibody Sandwich Indirect (DASI) by monoclonal antibody line B11 produced by DIBCA, University of Bari, Italy
Diagnostic signal colorimetric by the action of alkaline phosphatase (AP) on p-nitrophenyl phosphate
Test number
Intended Use in vitro detection of apple mosaic virus (ApMV) in young leaf of pome and stone fruit tree
Specificity Imed A., Boscia D., Boari A., Saldarelli P., Digiaro M. and Savino V., 1997. A comparison of apple mosaic virus isolates from prunus trees and production of specific monoclonal antibodies. EPPO Bulletin 27, 149
Supplied controls Positive Negative Freeze-dried peach leaf tissue. The absence and the presence of ApMV were ascertained by indexing on peach indicators, and ELISA
Supplied reagents capture 200 µl/well - detection 200 µl/well - conjugate anti mouse 200 µl/well
Shelf life 9-12 months when stored at 4°C
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