GCMV Elisa

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DAS ELISA KIT grapevine chrome mosaic virus

capture polyclonal – conjugate polyclonal - positive and negative controls

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GCMV Elisa - 500 tests K-22B
GCMV Elisa - 1000 tests K-22A

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Method of assay ELISA Double Antibody Sandwich (DAS) by polyclonal antibodies.
Diagnostic signal colorimetric by the action of alkaline phosphatase (AP) on p-nitrophenyl phosphate
Test number
Intended Use in vitro detection of Grapevine chrome mosaiv virus (GCMV) in grapevine phloem or leaf.

Martelli G.P. ,J.Lehoczky and A. Quacquarelli,1965.Host range and properties of a virus associated with Hungarian grapevines showing macroscopic symptoms of fanleaf and yellow mosaic.Proceedings International Conference on virus and vector on perennial hosts,with special reference to Vitis,Davis,California, 1965, 389-401.

Martelli G.P. and A. Quacquarelli, 1972. Hungarian chrome mosaic of grapevine and tomato black ring: two similar but unrelated viruses. IV Meeting of ICVG, Colmar, France 1970. Annales of Phytopatholge, Numers hors series 123-141.

Supplied controls Positive Negative Freeze-dried grapevine phloem. The presence and the absence of GCMV were ascertained by indexing on Vitis indicators, by ELISA and PCR.
Supplied reagents capture 200 µl/well - conjugate 200 µl/well
Shelf life 9-12 months when stored at 4°C.
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