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Agritest S.r.l. is specialized in diagnostic kits for plant virus detection.

The products have been developed to be used by testing laboratories, assisting the nursery industry in pathogen-free certification programs.

Established in 1993, Agritest S.r.l. is privately held by the management.  Management and personnel were trained in academic and industrial research centers.

The production facility is located in the technological park of the University of Bari, Tecnopolis, Valenzano, Italy.

The laboratory is fully equipped to conduct the whole manufacture cycles of two product lines, the serological and the molecular:

  • Plant virus purification and antigen preparation;
  • in vitro production of monoclonal antibodies;
  • Preparation of antibody reagents;
  • Production of RNA and DNA probes;
  • Freeze-drying of plant viruses and molecular reagents;
  • Calibration and standardization of the kit diagnostic performances;
  • Post-sales quality control.

Explorative research is also conducted by out-sourcing.

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