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The products are for laboratory use only, intended for in vitro testing of plant tissue material, not for animals or humans applications.  

The products are conceived to carry out the qualitative diagnosis of a target analyte, according to the protocol and the diagnostic system as described in the data sheet and the instructions for use.  

The products consist of assembled items, therefore identified as ‘kit’ or 'set'. Single items are supplied exclusively as additional component of the kit diagnostic system.


Prices are in EURO, ex-works Valenzano, Italy, excluding VAT, duties and customs fees.

Place the order on line

Please enter into the order procedure by adding items to your cart from each item page.  

Alternatively, if you are registered, log in your name and password to enter in My cart.

The on line procedure requires the release of information pertinent to the supply processing, shipping and invoice issuing, according to the customer needs. 


Shipping fees will be invoiced according to the country of delivery and the amount of the purchase.

We relay on National and International carriers to assure a proper parcel handling, a fast delivery and clearance, on time parcel tracking. 

Delivery time is estimate according to the currier timetable.

Shipping conditions are at the ambient temperature, the package label alerts to store the parcel at 4°C at its arrival.

Warranty and Liability

Agritest guarantees:

  • the integrity and the completeness of the supply at its arrival, and

  • the conformity of the product to the catalogue and data sheet description as available on line. 

Product performances data are available on request by providing the lot numbers of the product and the product components. 

Product conformity refers to product as identified by its components.

In case of complain, please contact the customer service at info@agritest.it :

within 5 days from the delivery when the supply might result damaged or incomplete

within 1 months before the expiry date when the assay validation fails.

Agritest is not liable for the product failing due to an improper handling or accidental mixup of the components, however please contact the customer assistance to be advised.


Return of goods

The return of the product for its replacement must be authorized by Agritest.  Please, contact the customer service to be advised about the procedure.


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