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The trademark "Agritest Plant Health Management"  is covered by the EU trademark law, deposit n ° 011466885, classes 01,05,44.


ELISA kits are manufactured under the technology transfer agreement endorsed by Agritest, DISSPA-University of Bari, CNR-IPSP, and CRSFA, revised in December, 2011 

PPV universal ELISA kit includes the monoclonal antibody 5B supplied by Plant Print, Valencia, Spain 

Dot-blot DNA hybridization kits are manufactured and commercialized under

  • the license of the patent n° 1355079 of the University of Bari, Italy and
  • The pending EPO patent n°14002761.6 of Agritest Srl


The Electron Microscopy images are published under the kind permission of the CNR-IPSP, UO of Bari, Italy, the intellectual property holder. The author of the images is Dr. Angelo De Stradis to whom corrispond to for any further use of those images,



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