Agritest is specialized in diagnostic tests to prevent and control plant diseases in the field

The test reveals the presence of the target pathogen in plant samples by using antibody reagents in vitro. The analytical method is based on the specific binding of the antibody reagents to the protein antigens of the pathogen. The diagnostic signal is colorimetric, measurable by an ELISA reader or estimated at sight.Designed to fit to the purposes of large-scale phytosanitary programs, the Agritest tests are conceived to ensure:

  • High specificity of detection in plant field samples
  • high confidence in the diagnostic interpretation of the results
  • versatility of sample preparation for multiple ELISA tests 
  • safe laboratory handling of reagents
  • low-cost laboratory investments

Antibody-based tests are to be used by testing laboratories assisting nursery industry, breeders, and inspection bodies. Diagnostic applications aim at the disease control of planting material, and at preventing pathogen spread in healthy environments. Product development is driven by plant pathology competences across biotechnology innovations.

Agritest expertise is mainly focused on the development of antibody reagents against plant pathogen proteins of high identity and purity. R&D projects are shared with scientific institutions and biotechnology companies to steadily assure product quality, manufacturing innovation, customer assistance.

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