grapevine leafroll associated virus 1 + 3

capture polyclonal
conjugate polyclonal
2 positive and negative controls

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  • GLRAV-1+3 ELISA KIT 500 T
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  • GLRAV-1+3 ELISA KIT 1000 T
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Data Sheet

Method of assay

ELISA Double Antibody Sandwich (DAS) by polyclonal antibodies

Diagnostic signal

colorimetric by the action of alkaline phosphatase (AP) on p-nitrophenyl phosphate

Test number

500 - 1000

Intended Use

in vitro detection of Grapevine leafroll associated virus 1 (GLRaV-1) and Grapevine leafroll associated virus 3 (GLRaV-3) in grapevine samples

  • Boscia D., Greif C., Gugerli P., Martelli G.P., Walter B., and Gonsalves D., 1995. Nomenclature of grapevine leaf-roll associated putative closterovirus. Vitis 34:171-175.
  • Gugerli,P. 1991. Grapevine closterovirus, p.40-51. In I.C. Rumbos, R. Bovey, D. Gonsalves, W.B. Hewitt, and G.P. Martelli (ed.), Proceedings of the 10th Meeting of the International Council for the Study of Viruses and Virus Diseases of the Grapevine (ICVG). Plant Protection Institute, P.O. Box 303, 38001 Volos, Greece.
Supplied controls

1 positive GLRaV-1- 1 positive GLRaV-2- 1 negative freeze-dried. The absence and the presence of the virus were ascertained by indexing, ELISA, PCR.

Supplied Reagents

capture 200 µl/well - conjugate 200 µl/well

Shelf life

9-12 months when stored at 4°C



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