Xylella fastidiosa ELISA


Xylella fastidiosa (Wells and Raju)

capture polyclonal
conjugate polyclonal
positive and negative controls

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Data Sheet

Method of assay

Direct tissue blot immunoassay (DTBIA) by polyclonal antibodies raised against inactivate bacteria extracts of X. fastidiosa subsp. pauca strain CoDiRO

Diagnostic signal

Colorimetric by the reaction of alkaline phosphatase with BCIP-NBT substrate

Test number

92 sectors

Intended Use

in vitro detection of Xylella fastidiosa (Wells and Raju) in olive tree twigs

Agritest test performances available in Annex 1 of the OEPP/EPPO PM7/24 (3) Xylella fastidiosa


X. fastidiosa subspecies fastidiosa, multiplex, pauca

Polyclonal antibodies rased against subsp. pauca strain CoDiRO

* Giampetruzzi et al., 2015 http://genomea.asm.org/content/3/1/e01538-14.full.pdf+html 

* Djelouah K., et al. 2014. Direct tissue blot immunoassay for detection of Xylella fastidiosa in olive trees. Phytopathologi Maditerranea 53, 559-564.

Supplied controls

1 positive spot of inactivate bacteria extract; 1 negative print of olive twigs, bacteria free

Supplied Reagents

20 ml final volume

Shelf life

9-12 months when stored at 4°C


n°8 prints/olive sample

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