Tomato CERT 10-HYB probes



1 vial non-radioactive probes
1 membrane 5 x 8 cm
Spotted controls 1 negative + 10 positive

  • H-MT-10
  • Tomato CERT 10-HYB 39 tests
  • € – Under request

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Data Sheet

Method of assay

 DOT-BLOT DNA hybridization with non-radioactive labeled DNA probes

Diagnostic signal

Chemioluminescent by the the action of alkaline phosphatase on CSPD or CDP star substrate

Test number


Intended Use

Simultaneous molecular detection of tomato 10 viruses AMV-CMV-PepMV-PVX-PVY-PZSV-TICV-TMV-TSWV-TYLC


See accession numbers of each virus in the kit instruction

Supplied controls

Spotted on the testing membrane 1 positive/virus PCR products and 1 negative healthy plant sap

Supplied Reagents

Non-radioactive polyprobe 50 reactions

Shelf life

12 months stored at -20°C


About 20 µl of infected plant tissue

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